Backyard Pro 554SMOKR60AS 60" Charcoal / Wood Smoker Grill with Adjustable Grates and Dome - Assembled

Backyard Pro 554SMOKR60AS 60" Charcoal / Wood Smoker Grill with Adjustable Grates and Dome - Assembled

Give customers the smoky taste they desire by slow cooking your products in the Backyard Pro 60" charcoal / wood smoker.

When the weather is warm and your patrons are hungry, nothing is more satisfying than getting outside and cooking up your signature meats and vegetables for them to enjoy! Simply put your product inside the unit, slow cook it to perfection, and watch as the smoky flavor transforms it into a mouth-watering dish. With 1102 sq. in. of cooking surface, you'll have plenty of room to smoke ribs, brisket, or even an entire pig! Plus, this smoker fits comfortably on any deck or patio, while still leaving plenty of room for a bar, outdoor seating area, or fire pit. For maximum convenience, this unit ships assembled so that you'll be cooking in no time!

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Victor K.

This barbecue wood smoker has a good fire and cooks all my steak and barbecue very good. I will recommend everybody go buy it!

Daniel V.

This is a not a smoker, it's a large grill. The wheels on it SUCK, we ended up welding on larger wheels after we snapped off a wheel, moving it in the parking lot. Also the wheels get misshaped if it's get above 90'f. Customer service was not helpful at all. For a country club or catering pick a different grill. There are a ton out there that are better>

Take your culinary creations to a whole new level

  • Large 1102 sq. in. cooking surface can accommodate a whole hog with space to spare
  • 2 thermometers and adjustable chimney flaps ensure perfect smoking temperature
  • 14 gauge stainless steel charcoal pan and slide-out ash tray
  • Adjustable height cooking grate that's removable makes cleaning a breeze
  • Ships assembled for optimum convenience

Stainless Steel Components

The stainless steel charcoal pan, grates, and legs offer superior durability and ensure that this rugged unit is built to withstand harsh, outdoor environments. Both the lid and sides are made out of cold rolled sheet steel, and they are 16 gauge. Plus, stainless steel is easy to maintain, so cleaning the unit at the end of the night won't be difficult. The exterior features an attractive, black powder-coated finish to resist chips, scuffs, and scratches.

Adjustable Cooking Grate Height

Thanks to 3 different height levels, you can adjust the placement of your cooking grate to accommodate log size, charcoal, or different food products. This flexibility increases versatility and allows you to customize the unit to best suit your needs.

Dual Thermometers

This smoker comes equipped with 2 easy-to-read thermometers so you can keep a close eye on the temperature of your products as they cook.

Overall Dimensions

  • Width:60 Inches
  • Depth:24 Inches
  • Height:54.5 Inches

Cooking Surface Dimensions

  • Width:56.5 Inches
  • Depth:19.5 Inches

Wherever You Go
Cook With Confidence

Gone are the days of flimsy, imprecise, and difficult-to-clean equipment. Backyard Pro delivers the control and convenience you need for quality results outside the kitchen.