Backyard Pro GKIT-FL 32" Double Burner Outdoor Range with 32" Griddle Plate - 150,000 BTU

Backyard Pro GKIT-FL 32" Double Burner Outdoor Range with 32" Griddle Plate - 150,000 BTU

Deep fry a turkey on one burner and steam vegetables on the other with this versatile Backyard Pro 32" double burner outdoor range!

This portable range is a perfect addition to any tailgating party, camping trip, or backyard BBQ. It provides you with the cooking power of a range combined with the convenience of portability. You can easily transport this range to the event site, connect your propane, and be up and running in no time. A sturdy, welded frame ensures this portable range is built to last and can easily withstand years of use. Convenient wind guards on the back and sides of the unit are included to protect the food and the burner flame from strong wind. These wind guards fit around stock pots and other cookware, rather than the entire griddle, to protect the contents during cooking.

Item Number:

This item meets the standards imposed by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA).

Portable LP Tank Connection

This unit uses a hose assembly that connects directly to a standard portable propane tank.

Debbie J.

This has been on my wish list for about 5 years already. I was able to purchase them for myself. This made my cooking for large quantities of meat go so smooth!

Doug H.

The stove was easy to adjust no problems. I made two 8 inch heat defusers for the burners, that took care of the warping problem that people where to lazy to figure out I love the griddle works perfect when you use the defusers im an old Army cook we know how to fix stuff.

Take your culinary creations to a whole new level

  • 480 sq. in. cooking surface
  • 32" x 16" stainless steel griddle plate with handles
  • Includes an adjustable 10 PSI hose and regulator
  • Durable, steel construction
  • Versatile for all your outdoor grilling, cooking, steaming, and frying needs

Two Powerful Burners

This range features two powerful burners, each with 75,000 BTU of cooking power and independent control valves, so whether you're grilling burgers and hot dogs or fresh vegetables, you'll be able to achieve the results you want every time.

32" x 16" Griddle Plate

This range also includes a 32" x 16" stainless steel griddle plate for 480 sq. in. of cooking surface. Made of 1/7" thick stainless steel, this plate features a grease trough and handles for simple use and maintenance, while splash-guards on the back and sides to prevent splashing on open flames and the surrounding environment.

Built-In Handles

For easy mobility the griddle plate comes with built-in handles so that it can easily be removed and replaced as necessary.

Overall Dimensions

  • Width:32 Inches
  • Depth:16 Inches
  • Height:28 Inches

Griddle Dimensions

  • Width:32 Inches
  • Depth:16 Inches

Wherever You Go
Cook With Confidence

Gone are the days of flimsy, imprecise, and difficult-to-clean equipment. Backyard Pro delivers the control and convenience you need for quality results outside the kitchen.