Backyard Pro 72" Vinyl Cover for Outdoor Grills

Backyard Pro 72" Vinyl Cover for Outdoor Grills

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Wyatt J.

This is an excellent product. This is the right amount of guaged material, very heavy duty, seems to be able to withstand different types of weather; rain, hot sun, light dew. I love the writing on the side of it, this wasn't expected, but a nice touch.

Mike R.

At first I was skeptical because that's a lot of money for a little barbecue grill cover it goes over the 30 inch propane or it also fits over the charcoal grill I know that the listing only states the charcoal grill but if you scroll down into the numbers it'll show you the item number for the 30 inch propane grill and it fits on it perfectly even with the propane tank on it absolutely hundred percent love this going to order a spare

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  • For use with Backyard Pro 72" propane and charcoal grills
  • Made of vinyl
  • Protects grill during off hours
  • Not compatible with grills that use additional side shelves

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