Backyard Pro Vinyl Cover for 60" Outdoor Grills

Backyard Pro Vinyl Cover for 60" Outdoor Grills

Protect your Backyard Pro grill from the elements and extend its life with this vinyl cover!

When you aren't using your grill it is important to keep it covered so that rain, snow, and debris doesn't collect in it. This vinyl cover provides a reliable way to prevent your grill from coming into contact with the elements, and to protect your equipment.

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Wyatt J.

This is an excellent product. This is the right amount of guaged material, very heavy duty, seems to be able to withstand different types of weather; rain, hot sun, light dew. I love the writing on the side of it, this wasn't expected, but a nice touch.

Mark N.

so, this cover doesn't exact fit the grill it's designed for in any sort of snug way. it's sort of just a big vinyl bag that you put over the grill and it drapes there. it works and its very solidly made from what I can tell, however. so as long as you dont need it to look super pretty itll work out great.

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  • For use with Backyard Pro 60" propane and charcoal grills
  • Made of vinyl
  • Protects grill during off hours
  • Not compatible with grills that use additional side shelves

Black Vinyl

This grill cover is made from black vinyl that keeps the great outdoors off of your grill. Rain and snow won't be able to accumulate and cause rust, and it also keeps sticks and leaves from getting stuck in the unit and causing issues later.

Rugged Construction

Providing maximum durability, the rugged construction of this cover will keep your grill safe for years to come.

For Backyard Pro Grills

This versatile cover is designed to work with Backyard Pro 60" charcoal grills and propane grills.

Overall Dimensions

  • Width:60 Inches

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