Backyard Pro Sweet and Savory Rib Rub - 14 oz.

Backyard Pro Sweet and Savory Rib Rub - 14 oz.

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This item was made in the United States of America.


This item is vegan per the manufacturer.


This item is vegetarian per the manufacturer.

Nathan C.

Provided some great caramelization on medium heat cast iron after cooking low and slow in the oven. The flavor isn't very bold but it does provide a good base to add some other spices to make it your own like rosemary or something without having to pull 10 spices together for a good rub.

Take your culinary creations to a whole new level

  • Pre-blended rub adds convenience to any recipe and reduces preparation time
  • Sweet and salty foundation is complemented by bold secondary flavors of onion and paprika
  • Best for slow barbecuing or smoking on low heat
  • Ideal for dry meat rubs and marinades alike
  • Perfect for high-end commercial barbecue kitchens and catered events

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