Backyard Pro MT-31 Butcher Series 31-Blade Electric Meat Tenderizer with Motor Attachment, Two Legs, and Clamps

Backyard Pro MT-31 Butcher Series 31-Blade Electric Meat Tenderizer with Motor Attachment, Two Legs, and Clamps

Cube and tenderize any cut of meat with this Backyard Pro MT-31 Butcher Series 31-blade meat tenderizer!

This reliable unit turns tough cuts into delicate entrees while reducing cook times, reducing product shrinkage, and ensuring even cooking. Not only will the cuber deliver tender meat, but it also allows for better absorption of marinades and rubs for tantalizing flavoring. Great for butcher shops and meat purveyors, this versatile unit accommodates beef, poultry, pork, and venison up to 1 1/4" x 5" in size.

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This unit comes with a NEMA 5-15P plug.

Ting W.

We bough this three times. Each last less than a year. It is not durable. It always ended up missing some of the screws. By the end of its life, the motor is still working good but the blades and everything else bent and not usable.

Anthony H.

This review will be in two parts. Part one is for the tenderizer itself and part two will be for the motor attachment. Within these parts I will review its assembly, ease of use and my final thoughts. I am currently using this tenderizer to tenderize chicken breast for fried chicken cutlets and grilled chicken. The breast measure around six ounces per piece and I only run the chicken though once, otherwise anymore would shred the chicken. I use it once a week to process around 40-80 pounds of chicken so I decided to get the tenderizer with motor combo thinking it would make the process faster. This was a mistake and I will get into it when I talk about the motor attachment. Part One, The Tenderizer: Putting together this machine was fairly easy, but I had run into three issues. The first issue was that head of the hex bolts that are used to put the machine together are too small for the split lock washers that they include. If you tighten up the hex bolts the split lock washers will compress and spread apart enough where the bolt will just bypass the washer altogether. I noticed that the split lock washers were pretty cheaply made and were easily deformed so in the end I had decided to not use them. The second issue was that the cast material they used for the legs is also cheap. Do not over tighten the bolts, otherwise it will immediately strip the threads in the cast. This issue will come around again when I talk about the motor. The third and final issue was that the instructions included with the tenderizer. They do not match up with the parts you get to put it together. They must have had a second revision of this machine, but the instructions are not for this machine or at least the version you get. But the machine was simple enough to put together even with the mismatched instructions and parts. Using the machine is very simple. Just drop in a piece of chicken, turn the handle and repeat. You do not need to push the chicken in at all and it comes out with one side of the chicken with deep cuts, but not deep enough to go through the chicken and for the other side it has tiny shallow cuts. When cranking the machine manually, I have not had a single jamming issues. The only issue I can see for some people was that the included C clamps could not be used on my type of table, but honestly you do not need them at all. After using this machine, at first I though washing it would be a pain, but its pretty easy. The machine comes apart and has a handful of parts that are very easy to wash. The only things that could be a pain are the "cutting blades". They are not sharp at all and are just stamped metal pieces. If you have a tiny brush, washing them is pretty easy. Otherwise with a sponge it might take some time having to compress the sponge into spaces in between all the blades. I think there are 31 blades total. Over all even with some of the assembly issues, the tenderizer is a nice addition to my kitchen. Its every easy to use and does what it says. The cuts allow the marinade to soak into all of the chicken. My chicken cooks a lot faster and because of the cuts when you bite in, the chicken falls apart in your mouth and taste very juicy. Part Two The Motor Putting the motor together is also very easy. All you have to do is remove the manual crank which is attached to the tenderizer with one retention screw. In place of that retention screw you need to put in an adapter that goes into the screw hole. Then you bolt a motor mount to the tenderizer and then you place the motor shaft into the adapter and bolt the motor to the mount. Operating the motor is just as easy. There is an speed control with fast and slow and then a pulse switch. So why did I say that buying the motor attachment was a mistake? I literally used this thing one time and it almost broke my tenderizer. No I did not abuse the motor or run it like a mad man. I ran around ten pounds of chicken though it before I had to remove it. I am not sure what happened but after running the ten pounds of chicken through it I put in a tiny piece of chicken, like a 2x2 piece that had to be at most half a centimetre thick. This TINY piece of chicken jammed up the machine like I had put a rock in there and was only in there for about ten seconds before I turned off the machine. I removed the chicken and then tried again and still with the motor running the blades refused to turn. I turned it off again and noticed the problem after troubleshooting it some more. The issue with this motor is the way that it is attached to the tenderizer. If there is a jam the motor will continue to spin the adapter which in turn strips the threads where the adapter goes. In that ten seconds where the initial jam happened the motor had stripped most of the threads and the blades refused to spin anymore. Thankfully I got lucky and noticed the issue right away my manual crank's retention screw is still able to go into the hole, But I could feel that the threads are messed up. I also noticed that after removing the adapter there were small metal shavings on the adapter. Besides this huge issues I had three other problems with it. The motor is encased in thin plastic that easily deforms when pressed. If you were to drop it I could see it shattering. I do not think it is very durable. The motor is very, very loud. Since this is my first motorized tenderizer and I do not have anything to compare this opinion to, I could be wrong, but it is still loud. The last issue is cleaning. While cleaning the tenderizer itself is no hassle, adding this motor onto it made it a pain. If you were to properly clean it, and I hope you were to if you got this. You need to remove seven small bolts that connect the tenderizer, mount and motor together. And with most of these bolts there are washers and split lock washers. I dont know about you but having to keep track of 15 small pieces that all need to be washed and replaced is just to much of a hassle. I am surprised that this was the best way that they could have imagined to mount everything together. While I did wish that this motor attachment made my chicken tenderizing experience better, in the end it was a nightmare. Final Thoughts Overall I give the tenderizer alone a 4/5 stars. Even with a couple of small issues, the tenderizer was a good investment and helped make a better end product. But as for the tenderizer and motor attachment, I have to give it 1/5 stars. At least in my experience there were no pros with the motor. Not only was it cheaply and shoddily made, it added additionally time to my workload since it takes a longer disassembling and cleaning it. And not least of all it almost broke my tenderizer in its first use. If you are in the market for a tenderizer, I would recommend that you buy only the tenderizer itself and stay away from the motor.

Take your culinary creations to a whole new level

  • Cubes and tenderizes tough cuts of meat measuring up to 1 1/4" x 5"
  • Includes a 2 speed motor for faster, easier tenderizing
  • Dual blade assemblies with 31 stainless steel blades; 2 steel combs guide meat and prevent jamming
  • 2 clamps reliably secure the unit to tabletops up to 1 1/2" thick, combining with a poly base for sturdy, secure operation
  • Allows meat to better absorb marinades and rubs

Dual Blade Assemblies

The meat tenderizer boasts dual blade assemblies with 31 stainless steel blades that effectively slice through connective tissues without tearing the meat, while 2 steel combs help guide the meat and prevent jamming.

Lightweight, Durable Design

Its lightweight welded cast aluminum design features a poly base and combines with 2 clamps to reliably secure the unit to tabletops up to 1 1/2" thick.

Included Tongs

For added convenience, a set of tongs is included so that you can feed your product into the hopper, ensuring your employees will safely handle the machine!

Overall Dimensions

  • Width:19.5 Inches
  • Depth:9.25 Inches
  • Height:18.5 Inches

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