Backyard Pro MM-20 Butcher Series 20 lb. / 4.2 Gallon Meat Mixer with Removable Paddles

Backyard Pro MM-20 Butcher Series 20 lb. / 4.2 Gallon Meat Mixer with Removable Paddles

Utilize this Backyard Pro Butcher Series manual meat mixer to drastically speed up the meat-mixing process and increase the efficiency of your kitchen's food prep.

Mix meats, vegetables, and much more together efficiently with this Backyard Pro MM-20 Butcher Series 20 lb. meat mixer. With a simple-to-use crank that rotates the paddles inside, this mixer will ensure that herbs and spices are mixed consistently throughout your meat products. Ideal for a variety of establishments, this meat mixer can be used in restaurants, delis, and butcher shops.

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Veronica A.

We use this to mix the ingredients into our house special burgers. It makes quick work of approx 14lb worth of ingredients to mix in a matter of minutes. Easy to clean also!

Damitric R.

I use this product to mix my burgers and it mixes well. It says 20lbs but the meat becomes over mixed if you use that much meat. I would not recommend mixing more than 15 lbs. It can mix as little as 5lbs but it’s a little harder to get a get a decent mix. Between 10 and 15 lbs is a good number, at least for ground beef.

Take your culinary creations to a whole new level

  • Create your signature burger and sausage specials by combining meat, vegetables, and spices
  • Non-slip rubber feet prevent sliding and offer stability during quick meat mixing
  • Clear plexiglass top allows visibility, with small cutout for space to incorporate ingredients
  • Removable paddle and metal gears are both durable and easy to clean
  • Reliable stainless steel countertop design – 20 lb. / 4.2 gallon capacity

Plexiglass Top

A clear plexiglass top lets you closely monitor the progress of your mixing, and a small cutout on the cover allows herbs and spices to be added while mixing.

Sturdy Base

Rubber feet prevent any unwanted movement while operating the mixer. The unit can also be surface-mounted for even more stability (hardware sold separately).

Easy to Clean

For ease of cleaning, the interior paddles are completely removable so you can minimize downtime.

Overall Dimensions

  • Length:11 Inches
  • Height:11 Inches
  • Depth:8 Inches
  • Capacity:4.2 Gallons / 20 lb.

Wherever You Go
Cook With Confidence

Gone are the days of flimsy, imprecise, and difficult-to-clean equipment. Backyard Pro delivers the control and convenience you need for quality results outside the kitchen.