Backyard Pro Outdoor Range / Patio Stove with Hose Guard - 210,000 BTU

Backyard Pro Outdoor Range / Patio Stove with Hose Guard - 210,000 BTU

The Backyard Pro Outdoor Range / Patio Stove with Hose Guard is a heavy-duty solution to your outdoor cooking needs!

This outdoor range/ stove comes with a hose guard and is built to accommodate larger, heavier stock pots so you can cook all of your summer favorites in the great outdoors. With heavy-duty construction and a powerful, 210,000 BTU burner, you'll add efficiency and durability to your operation. Plus, it's designed with safety and ease-of-use in mind to provide a hassle-free alternative to other outdoor ranges.

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Portable LP Tank Connection

This unit uses a hose assembly that connects directly to a standard portable propane tank.

Robert C.

Excellent duability. Very easy to assemble. States "large 17" cooking surface", but I am using it with my 100 qt pot that is 20 1/4" in diameter. Heats fast.

Marvin M.

Just got the backyard pro to cook some beer on. I bought it because it had high BTU's and looked pretty sturdy. It has an adjustable dial to control the temperature that works very well. At first I thought it had to much adjustment in it but once I lit it the flame was infinitely adjustable. I put a ten gallon pot with five gallons of water on the burner. Cranked it up and it took about five minutes to reach 160 degrees and I turned it down and it held 160 for the 20 minutes I steeped my grain. Then I cranked it up again with in ten minutes it was boiling. I cranked it back down and it held a rolling boil for the hour that it took to cook the beer. It burns off the paint at first but once that is done it works great. The frame is very sturdy and has good welds. the burner is cast iron. The only negative is the bolt that holds the burner on is only a quarter inch bolt. It holds it on OK but I would like it to be a bigger bolt. This burner makes a lot of heat and it is not that noisy. Glad I bought it.

Take your culinary creations to a whole new level

  • Features precision heat control
  • Large, stable 19" cooking surface
  • Durable, welded steel frame
  • Includes a powerful 210,000 BTU burner
  • Accommodates larger, heavier stock pots

Precision Adjustable Regulator

Equipped with a precision adjustable 10 PSI liquid propane regulator with 36" rubber hose, this stove provides you with greater control over the flame for advanced flexibility. Great for deep frying a turkey or steaming clams or vegetables, you can control the flame to perfectly prepare each recipe.

Large, Sturdy Top

The heavy-duty, welded steel frame provides the stability and durability necessary to support stockpots and pans up to a 19" diameter. Plus, this model boils water and heats up oil faster than standard duty outdoor ranges to increase your efficiency and cut-down on valuable time as you prepare stews, steamed clams, and more at outdoor catered events and parties.

Double Leg Design

The double leg design provides added stability so this stove / range can rest on a variety of outdoor surfaces while accommodating larger stock pots.

Overall Dimensions

  • Width:14 1/4 Inches
  • Depth:22 Inches
  • Height:10 1/4 Inches

Wherever You Go
Cook With Confidence

Gone are the days of flimsy, imprecise, and difficult-to-clean equipment. Backyard Pro delivers the control and convenience you need for quality results outside the kitchen.