Backyard Pro 12" BBQ Brush Mop

Backyard Pro 12" BBQ Brush Mop

Spread sauce on your most delicious dinner entrees with this Backyard Pro 12" BBQ brush mop!

This brush is perfect for prepping a variety of barbecued meats, buttered baked goods, and other basted or glazed food. From the most experienced BBQ veterans to those just looking to break into the game, this economical mop brush is sure to be a welcomed addition to your collection of kitchen prep tools.

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Vanessa T.

This bbq mop is a great item. It makes food prep convenient and easy to use. It is a good value and I would recommend purchasing it.

Jose Martinez
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Great foot print for put the sauce on the meat

Take your culinary creations to a whole new level

  • 12" hand-held brush mop
  • Bristles spread out to give ample coverage
  • Long handle keeps fingers safe from burns
  • Durable wooden design
  • Perfect for barbecuing, basting, and glazing

Efficient Design

This string bristle mop brush is designed to grab an ample supply of sauce, glaze, basting liquid, or butter with each dip, making it extremely efficient and easy to use. The 3 3/4" bristles spread out wide as you mop over your foods to provide the ideal coverage.

Safe and Durable

The long 12" handle helps create a safe distance between your hand and the hot surface of a grill or charbroiler. Made of durable wood, the handle is designed to hold up over the course of several uses with proper care. Elevate your favorite entrees with the help of this BBQ brush mop!

Overall Dimensions

  • Handle Length:9 Inches
  • Length:12 Inches
  • Brush Length:3.75 Inches

Wherever You Go
Cook With Confidence

Gone are the days of flimsy, imprecise, and difficult-to-clean equipment. Backyard Pro delivers the control and convenience you need for quality results outside the kitchen.